Guidelines for Building Mental Health into Operations During a Pandemic

The Workplace Mental Health team at the Mental Health Commission is thrilled to announce the launch of the project “Guidelines for Building Mental Health into Operations During a Pandemic”.


These guidelines were inspired by the need that many organizations have been facing, to ensure that employers and workers have the right tools in place to protect the mental health of workers in unexpected or uncertain times. While these guidelines are focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, they can also be applied in any emergency situation.

The ultimate goal is to have organizations implement systems that can help to prevent psychological harm, promote good mental health and to resolve any conflict that may arise during critical events that affect individuals and organizations. This document is one of the steps towards that goal.

Please feel free to use this resource freely, and to share with others. Our goal is always to help as many organizations implement healthy and safe mental health strategies to improve the lives of both employees and employers with resources such as these.

Building Mental Health into Operations During a Pandemic - download
Building Mental Health into Operations During a Pandemic [Download]
Guidelines to Support Employers Through COVID-19

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