Health and Safety Information Guide and Checklist

Temporary Work from Home During Pandemic Response

Liz Horvath

During the response to a pandemic, many organizations have implemented work from home arrangements. These arrangements generally do not come under the usual work at home or flexible workplace arrangement policies. The arrangements are in response to the need to support employees in protecting themselves and others from infection. As employees are working from home, they are also managing other aspects of the overall pandemic response, such as self-isolation, quarantine if needed, caring for others in the household, homeschooling children, sharing internet and working space with others in the home, connecting with others virtually, grocery and supply runs, etc.

It is important to support the physical and psychological health and safety of employees in their efforts to work from home.

This health and safety checklist can be used to gather feedback from employees to help to meet their needs. It is based on the key applicable workplace factors outlined in the National Standard of Canada on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace and occupational health and safety management principles.

Health and safety of workers who work from home is a dual responsibility of the employer and the employee.


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