Simple strategies to restore business to an acceptable level

As workplaces and organizations beginning to re-open on a gradual basis, it is critical they put a focus on the mental health of their staff and employees.

Liz Horvath

Employers will need to be cautious and strategic, both to prevent additional outbreaks, and to manage the mental health impacts. There is a chance that some people will be more nervous about being around others and returning to the physical work environmen

With this in mind, here are 8 key tips for employers returning to operations in the new “normal”:

  1. Set specific recovery targets and procedures for implementing relevant activities
  2. Consider the needs of employees in their personal life
  3. Think if a staggered return to work is possible for your staff
  4. Ensure protective equipment is available for everyone
  5. If equipment is being returned to the workplace, make disinfection products available
  6. Remember to be proactive with follow up and healthy debriefing methods
  7. Document lessons learned during the pandemic and revise policies and procedures accordingly
  8. Continue to identify and address the psychological stressors that could be affecting workers in their physical work environment and their work-related interactions with others

INFOGRAPHIC DOWNLOAD: Managing Workplace Mental Health Through Pandemic

Guidelines to Support Employers Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

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