Social Stigma and COVID-19: Protecting Your Workers. Interview with Dr. Keith Dobson

Liz Horvath

Civility and respect is correlated with the workplace factor of psychological protection.  They meet similar human needs.  When these factors are compromised, it can result in significant stress and can have tremendous impact on the energy level of an individual, a team and even the entire organization.  It is important to maintain an environment of civility and respect and psychological protection, to protect mental health and lower the risk of psychological and physical harm that can occur.

The risk that civility and respect and psychological protection can be compromised is greater when dealing with a situation where workers feel negative psychological impacts of their work environment – which is what we are dealing with When people don’t feel safe in their environment, it affects them psychologically. Fear, anger and stigma can occur, and this can put people at greater risk of psychological and physical harm.

As we attempt to navigate working and living through COVID-19, we need to have a clear understanding of the social stigma and harassment that can affect people as they strive to cope with this new reality.

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