Translating Knowledge for Change During COVID #3: Elizabeth Peprah

Elizabeth Peprah (Winter 2020 Cohort)


As the current Knowledge Broker with the Knowledge Mobilization team at the Mental Health Commission of Canada, my KT project is centred around raising awareness about the effectiveness of the SPARK program. One of my KT methods is to raise awareness by writing creative blogs. One specific series that I have been working on deals with the stories and experiences of past attendees of the SPARK program, affectionately referred to as “SPARKies.”

Mental Health Commission of Canada, SPARK Knowledge Translation (

Due to varying implications surrounding our “new normal” in relation to social distancing rules, working from home, which oftentimes includes home-schooling and inconvenient work hours, it has been more difficult to reach past attendees willing to be interviewed about their experiences relating to SPARK and the current state of where their projects are today. We have been able to obtain a few responses and write some interesting pieces on their stories, but we await more participants willing to share their stories. Interestingly, I have found that social distancing in response to COVID-19 has created somewhat of a “digital distancing”. I hope that this trend will change soon!

It is chilling to know that we are apart of a global, historical event which will be marked by history. One day, we will tell our grandchildren that we lived through and survived COVID-19. Despite the challenges that have come surrounding various stages to KT plan implementation, I have witnessed human kindness which far surpasses human greed and selfishness (think: the famous toilet paper hoarding wars) which accompanies times of social and economic toil.


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