Translating Knowledge for Change During COVID #5: Lyn Brooks

Lyn Brooks


Since COVID-19, there have been some changes and rebooking in meetups, which have all been quite manageable. I was already working from home prior to this crisis, and I assumed that the personal impact would be negligible. This is only partly the case. There is a subconscious unknowingness that’s hard to put a finger on. One fact is that we are experiencing a global shift in humanity.

My working career was front-line focused, so I very much relate to those now engaged. The crisis has dramatically brought to mind the importance of shaping a thriving and resilient healthcare, wellness, and prevention delivery which speaks to our KT initiative—and is indeed encouraging. This crisis increases our collective appetite for experimentation and reduces adoption hurdles, thus I believe positive outcomes will result from opportunities presented.

A big shout out for digital health! Things will change after the dust has settled from the COVID-19 pandemic, and the importance of mental health cannot be understated.


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