The Inquiring Mind Post-Secondary Virtual

The Inquiring Mind Post-Secondary (TIM PS) Virtual is an evidence-based program designed to address and promote mental health and reduce the stigma of mental illness in an educational / student setting.

TIM PS was adapted from the existing evidence-based program The Working Mind from the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

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Course Objectives                          

This course was developed specifically for Canadian post-secondary students from all academic programs. The flexible four-module virtual format allows remote training to be integrated into existing scheduled courses or to be delivered as a stand-alone course. The total length of training is four hours.

The Inquiring Mind Post-Secondary Virtual course aims to:

  • support the mental health and well-being of students,
  • enable the full academic, personal and interpersonal success of students,
  • encourage students to seek help for mental illness, and
  • ensure the campus is respectful and inclusive of all students, including those with mental health problems.

Ultimately, the course’s outcomes will give students practical knowledge and skills about mental health so they can:

  • recognize the signs of good, declining and poor mental health,
  • understand the impact of stigma on people living with mental illness,
  • use the Mental Health Continuum Tool to talk about mental health,
  • practice strategies to maintain their mental health and build resilience, and 
  • identify actions that ensure a supportive campus community.

Course Design

TIM PS Virtual is divided into four distinct modules which are designed to be delivered:

  • in the order given (as the content builds on each previous module).
  • spaced out within a timespan of no longer than four weeks OR in other combinations such as two modules delivered back to back one day and the remaining on another day, or all four modules delivered on the same day with breaks between modules.

To receive a certificate of completion, participants are expected to complete all four modules with the same cohort or within the same course.


Module 1: Introduction & Mental Health and Stigma (60 minutes)
Module 2: Mental Health Continuum Tool (60 minutes)
Module 3: Self-Care and Building Resilience (60 minutes)
Module 4: Creating a Supportive Campus and Closing (60 minutes)


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