SPARK Knowledge Translation

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SPARK Knowledge Translation (SPARK KT) offers various programs, tools, and resources to individuals and organizations wanting to take an idea related to mental health and addictions and put it into action. Studies have revealed that it can take several years to turn research findings into best practices, and SPARK KT  is designed to help reduce that timeframe.

Our offerings include:

  • SPARK KT training programs and workshops
  • Online modules (coming soon!)
  • Helpful blogs

What is Knowledge Translation?

Is the SPARK KT training program for you?

If you currently have an idea related to mental health or addictions that you’d like to put into action, we encourage you to apply for our next SPARK workshop. We welcome applications from individuals across Canada, including Indigenous peoples, people with lived experience, family caregivers, professional service providers, researchers, and policy makers. SPARK workshops are designed for people with a beginner or intermediate level of experience in knowledge translation.

If you are from an organization and would like to arrange a SPARK KT workshop for your team, please contact us (via the form) so that we can connect directly with more information.

How the SPARK training program works:

The SPARK training program is a year-long commitment. If your application is approved, you’ll attend a two-and-a-half day workshop to develop the idea you want to implement, with help from one of our experienced mentors (who are previous SPARK participants!). Upon completion of the workshop, you will have developed a knowledge translation plan, including steps about how to implement it. To help ensure your success, you’ll continue working with your mentor for another 12 months after the workshop.

See our blogs to hear from past SPARK participants, as well as other examples of how knowledge translation can help create positive change:

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Community Impact

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After completing the SPARK program, you will be invited to join over 200 “SPARKies” who have used our knowledge translation training to make a positive impact in communities across Canada. Join the conversation on social media by connecting with us on Twitter and Facebook and by using #mhccSPARK.

Other Resources

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