“I have taken different Train the Trainer sessions, but this session was by far the most rewarding and thorough. The Instructor was a wonderful Facilitator! Their energy and passion drives their ability to engage and motivate his ‘students’. They are an incredible champion and advocate for the Commission and for mental health.”

“Thought this course is something everyone should have the opportunity to do. I learned so much.”

“I feel like everyone in our organization should complete this course to gain a stronger understanding of mental health and mental illness.”

“Loved doing this course. Very informative & instructor was very good & was able to answer anything. Would recommend other’s to do this course!”

“I found this course very interesting and I can see myself using what I learned in both my personal and professional life. I think this should be mandatory.”

“Great course, very helpful information. Informal/relaxed, easy to contribute to the discussion.”

“We have received so much positive feedback from our employees and it has been eye opening for many in our organization. Psychological safety is so important and the workplace and we will continue to build on our program as we move forward.”