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The Working Mind

The Working Mind (TWM) is an evidence-based learning program designed to teach you about mental health and reduce stigma in the workplace around mental illness.

Reducing stigma creates a healthier workplace

By reducing stigma and discrimination, TWM helps organizations create a culture that fosters greater awareness and support for mental health among employees, managers, and employers.

Based on years of mental health policy research, TWM will teach you strategies to foster a more resilient workplace.

Understand basic concepts related to mental health and mental illness.

Recognize stigma and know how to reduce it.

Track changes in your mental health and know when to take action.

Talk about mental health and mental illness with colleagues, friends, and family

Cope with and manage workplace stress.

Who should take The Working Mind?

TWM courses are tailored for

  • employees (5 hours in-person, 5 hours virtual)
  • managers (8 hours in-person, 7 hours virtual)
  • workplace course facilitators (5 days, 8 hours per day in-person and virtual).


TWM training for employees takes four and a half hours when delivered in-person and five hours virtually. By taking the course, you will learn to

  • understand mental health and mental illness
  • recognize signs and indicators of mental health and mental illness in yourself and others
  • reduce stigma and recognize negative attitudes toward people with mental health problems
  • support colleagues with mental health problems
  • maintain your mental health and improve your resilience.

Course modules:

  1. Mental Health and Stigma
  2. Mental Health in the Workplace
  3. Stress and Resilience


TWM for managers takes eight hours when delivered in-person and seven hours virtually. In addition to the material covered in TWM for employees, you will learn to

  • support your employees’ mental health and well-being
  • enable all employees to be more fully productive
  • ensure the workplace climate respects and involves all employees, including those with mental health problems
  • encourage employees to seek support for mental health challenges.

Course modules:

  1. Mental Health and Stigma
  2. Mental Health in the Workplace
  3. Stress and Resilience
  4. Supporting Your Team
A group of business people sit in a row in a training class. They look at an unseen speaker as they concentrate on his lecture.

TWM learning tools and strategies

TWM courses include scenario-based lessons, videos from people with lived experience of mental illness, practical activities, and other resources for further learning. Participants also receive a certificate of completion.

Mental Health Continuum Tool. A way to check in on your always changing mental health and wellness.

‘Big Four’ coping skills. Evidence-based techniques to help you cope with stress and improve your mental health and resilience.

Contact-based education. Personal stories told by people with lived experience to help you reduce stigma effectively.

The Working Mind Adaptations

Fellow fireman cheering up colleague | Un collègue pompier encourage un collègue
The Working Mind First Responders
The Working Mind First Responders is an education-based program designed to address and promote mental health and reduce the stigma of mental illness in a first-responder setting.
During her visit, the mid adult home health nurse and the senior adult woman with cancer embrace and laugh together.
The Working Mind Healthcare
The Working Mind Healthcare focuses on providing workers in the healthcare industry with the tools to promote mental health in the workplace while also reducing the stigma of mental illness.
Young woman running in Barcelona | Jeune femme courant à Barcelone
The Working Mind Sports
The Working Mind Sports is an evidence-based mental health training program designed to address and promote mental health amongst athletes and coaches. This is an adaptation of The Working Mind.
A group of people in formal attire, wearing suits and ties, standing outside.
The Working Mind Legal Sector
TWM for the Legal Sector Virtual is an evidence-based training, developed to initiate a shift in the way you think, act, and feel about mental health in the workplace. It is specifically designed for employees and managers in the legal sector. The virtual course offers an employee version and a manager version for supervisors and team leads.
Confident African male business coach holding online webinar, a group of diverse people involved. Online video meeting of multinational work team, video call screen with a many people profiles on it | Coach d'affaires africain confiant organisant un webinaire en ligne, un groupe de personnes diverses impliquées. Réunion vidéo en ligne d'une équipe de travail multinationale, écran d'appel vidéo avec de nombreux profils de personnes
The Working Mind – Facilitator Certification Training (FCT)
The Working Mind Facilitator Certification Training (TWM FCT) is a skills and competencies-based training designed to prepare selected candidates to meet the certification requirements to deliver The Working Mind (TWM) course in a virtual classroom setting.


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Our Impact at Work

13 February 2024
“The credibility that the Mental Health Commission brings to Opening Minds programs was a key factor in our decision to implement The Working Mind for managers and MHFA.”
9 June 2022
Toronto Education Workers Local 4400 (TEW) is made up of approximately 17,000 education workers working primarily within the Toronto District School Board (TDSB). TEW is also home to childcare workers from various childcare centres and caretakers from Viamonde French Board, representing over 400 job classifications and over 1,000 worksites
5 April 2022
The OAFC introduced The Working Mind First Responders (TWMFR) program, which is designed to promote mental health and wellness while reducing the stigma around mental illness in first-responder settings. Individuals who take the training learn how to improve their short- and long-term mental health outcomes and reduce barriers to care.
23 February 2022
In 2021, WestJet teamed up with the Mental Health Commission of Canada to introduce The Working Mind (TWM) to their leaders. TWM is an evidence-based program designed to promote mental health and reduce the stigma around mental illness in the workplace.

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